One for She and She for All

Una per Tutte, Tutte per Una / One for She, and She for all
72 glazed stoneware ceramic tiles
Commissioned by Museo Nazionale dell’Ebraismo in Ferrara.

This work refers to a biblical story in which the Israelite women were offered to receive the Torah before the men at Mount Sinai. Their acceptance solidified not only the alliance between the Israelites and God, but also their uteruses. To invoke the Mikvah baths, I’ve created 72 glazed ceramic tiles, where the female protagonists are celebrated while the male characters are cast aside.
In this detail you can see some of the characters such as Eden, Sarah and Lilith, those are all portrayed with golden wombs and are accompanied by witches borrowed from the paintings of Goya and Salvator Rosa. Some other women depicted are afflicted by hysteria or are historical doctors like Agnodice, the first known female gynaecologist from ancient Greece.
The piece intend to honour a lecture of the bible for which the women would have been asked if they wished to received the Torah before the men, their saying yes meant that their uterus crystalized and said yes for all the future generation of Jews

Installation view with the work of Sigalit Landau

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