Ecstatic Lemons, 2023

Ecstatic Lemons is a constellation of fragmented texts and drawings collected in between 2020 and 2021, a period during which the author grappled with a mysterious illness that was later identified as Lyme disease. Recounted in this publication is a series of dreams triggered by the bacteria breaching the brain-blood barrier, leading to intensified visions. The juxtaposition of the vivid sense of presence and action of the dreams contrasts with the author’s experience of being bedridden for 12 months, ultimately reshaping her understanding of what she perceives as reality.
Published by Ta Tarbut Mehoga Tel Aviv, August 2023 as part of the Zinemachine #3

Flora Deborah, Olivia Hild, Haviv Kaptzon, Omer Sheizaf, Yoav Weinfeld

In the frame of the residency “Tights: Dance & Thought Shelter for Calibrating Frequencies” the group worked on a new project integrating text, performance, image and space. Each of the group members created a performance in public space, looking to find magical layers within the city of Tel Aviv. When daylight faded and the night spirits awoke, these performances took place in intimate settings and were captured by invited writers and artists who were especially invited to observe, and then to process what they experienced in writing or image. Those texts and images are collected in a fanzine format, which takes the experiences from the ephemeral event to a manifestation and back into the fleeting realm of the public. The fanzine will be published in the frame of the Diver Festival, accompanied by a personal encounter in a nebulous environment.

Vox Clamantis, Cramum - skira editore 2016
Ulla von Brandenburg, Gianluca Brando, Gianni Colangelo, Max Coppeta, Szilárd Cseke, Flora Deborah, Donatella de Rosa, Isabella Fabbri, Matteo Fato, Andi Kacziba, Kwangwoo Han, Emilio Isgrò, Lin Yilin, Urs Lüthi, Fabrizio Milani, Paolo Alberto Peroni, Francesca Piovesan, Luigi Antonio Presicce, Laura de Santillana, Giuliana Storino

In between Catalogue - Saatchi gallery 2015
Samin Ahmadzadeh, Asmaa Alanbari, Cecile Emmanuelle Borra, Rafael Blasco Ciscar, Marilyn Collins, Flora Deborah, Tom Gal, Eden Lazaness, Laura Solomons, Anne White

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